Working with PDF Content in a PowerPoint Presentation

Learn all about working with PDF Content in a PowerPoint Presentation. The skills learned here can also be used for incorporating screen clippings and objects from other programs.

Many times, you may need to add content from PDF files into your PowerPoint Presentation.  There are two ways you can add the content, depending on how you need to utilize it.  The first way is to show the content of the PDF on the slide via a picture of the content.  The second way is to insert the PDF file into the slide as an object so you can access it during the presentation.  Below are the step by step instructions for utilizing both options.  With these instructions, you can begin working with PDF content in a PowerPoint presentation with ease.  The skills learned here can also be used for incorporating screen clippings and objects from other programs.

Inserting PDF File Content as a Picture
  1. Open the PDF file that you need to insert as a picture and maximize the window. Note:  You can use these steps to insert a screen clipping from other programs as well.
  2. Navigate to the page containing the content you need to add to the PowerPoint slide.
  3. Switch to PowerPoint. Note:  Do NOT minimize the PDF window when switching to PowerPoint.
  4. Select the slide where the PDF content will be added.
  5. Click the Insert tab.
  6. In the Images group, click the Screenshot dropdown arrow.
  7. The Available Windows dialog box will open. Note:  The PDF document should be listed as the first thumbnail image.  Navigate to the bottom of the Available Windows dialog box and click Screen Clipping. PPT PDF Image 1
  8. PowerPoint will minimize and the PDF window will appear. The screen will appear as frosted and the pointer will become a crosshair. PPT PDF Image 2
  9. Drag the crosshair around the content you need to clip. Note:  Press ESC to cancel the process. PPT PDF Image 3
  10. Once you stop dragging, the selected content appears in the slide as a picture. PPT PDF Image 4
  11. From this point, you can move it, resize it, crop it and format it as needed using the Picture Tools – Format tab.  PPT PDF Image 5
Inserting PDF File as an Object
  1. Verify the PDF file you need to insert is not open.
  2. In PowerPoint, navigate to the slide you want to add the file to.
  3. Click the Insert tab.
  4. Click Object on the Text group.PPT PDF Image 6
  5. The Insert Object dialog box will open. PPT PDF Image 7a
  6. Click Create from file.
  7. Click Browse to navigate to the file’s location. Select the appropriate file and click OK. PPT PDF Image 8a
  8. The file path is added to the Insert Object dialog box. Click OK to accept it.
    PPT PDF Image 9a
  9. The object is now added to the slide. PPT PDF Image 10
  10. The quality of the PDF is reduced, but you can open the full PDF by double-clicking the image when viewing or editing in Normal view. PPT PDF Image 11
Opening PDF Object from a Slide Show

To open the inserted PDF file during the slide show, an action needs to be attached to it.

  1. Verify you are in Normal view.
  2. Click on the PDF file’s image. PPT PDF Image 12
  3. Click Action from the Links group on the Insert tab. PPT PDF Image 13
  4. The Action Settings dialog box will open.
    • Select the Mouse Click tab to open the PDF with a Mouse click.
    • Or, select the Mouse Over tab to open the PDF when you move your pointer over the PDF file icon. PPT PDF Image 14
    • Select the option Object action: and choose Open to open the PDF object.
    • Click OK.
  5. When running the slide show, you can now open the PDF object. PPT PDF Image 15

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