Working with Outlook Notes

Learn how to work with Outlook Notes – Create, Edit, Save and Print.

Outlook Notes are great for taking quick notes or reminders and “posting” them to your screen.  The look like and work very similar to a physical post-it, except they won’t fall off your screen. Below are the step-by-step instructions for working with Outlook Notes.

Creating Notes From the Notes app
  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Click New Note in the New group. OR Press CTRL + Shift + N VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 1
  3. The new note box opens. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 2
  4. Type the details in the note. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Images 3
  5. The note can be left open while you are working in other programs by dragging it around on your screen. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Images 4
  6. Click the note icon in the upper left corner of the note to close the note you are working on.
  7. Click Save & Close. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 5
  8. The note is added to the notes reading pane. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 6
Editing Notes
  1. From the Notes app, navigate to the reading pane.
  2. Double-click on the appropriate note.VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 7
  3. Make the necessary changes. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 8
  4. Click the note icon in the upper left corner of the note to close the note you are working on.
  5. Click Save & Close. Outlook
Printing Notes
  1. From the Notes app, click the File tab.
  2. Click Print.  ALT + F, P  or  CTRL + P
  3. The print window opens, giving you access to a full range of print options all available on one page, including a preview of the selection.Outlook
  4. Click the Print Options button to access various settings and page options. VLBTechEd Outlook Notes Image 11
    • Print Style – Choose the appropriate print style and Page Setup.  Note:  The Print Styles available vary depending upon your notes view.  
      • Table Style – Print list of notes.
      • Memo Style – Print individual notes.
    • Select the Page range – Print all items or Only selected items.
  5. Once you have set your options, click the Preview button to view how the note(s) will print.
  6. Click Print to print the selected Note.

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