Utilizing OneNote Tags

Learn about utilizing OneNote tags aid in organizing your OneNote notes. In this post, you will learn to Tag Notes, Remove Tags and Find Tags.

OneNote’s Tags allow you to organize and prioritize your notes.  They enable you to quickly return to important notes and remind yourself about items you need to act upon.  The feature also allows you to create custom tags.  Once you’ve tagged notes, you can then use the searching feature to find various tags.  Utilizing OneNote Tags enable you to become more organized and efficient when using OneNote.  Below are the step by step instructions for Tagging Note, Removing Tags from Notes and Searching for Tagged Notes.

Tagging Notes

  1. Click at the beginning of the line you wish to tag.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  2. Click the Home tab.
  3. Navigate to the Tags group.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  4. Click the down arrow to choose the necessary tag. For this example, we’ll use the To Do Tag.  It can be selected from either the down arrow list or directly from the Tags group.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  5. Once you select the tag, it will be added to the beginning of the line you selected.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  6. Continue with the steps above to complete your To Do List. NOTE:  You can click the box to check it once the task is completed to check it off.Utilizing OneNote Tags

Removing Tags from Notes

  1. Navigate to the Note the tag needs to be removed from. NOTE:  This note has been tagged as Important.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  2. Right-click on the tag and select Remove Tag.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  3. The tag is then removed from the note.Utilizing OneNote Tags

Searching for Tagged Notes

  1. Click the Home tab.
  2. Click Find tags in the Tags group.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  3. The Tags Summary Side bar will open.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  4. Group Tags by: gives you various options for grouping the found tags. Use the down arrow to select the appropriate group type.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  5. Check the Show only unchecked items if you wish to only see To Do items not completed. Utilizing OneNote Tags
  6. The Search: section allows you to choose the range to search, Refresh Results and Create Summary Page.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  7. Click the down arrow to the right of Today’s notes to choose the range you wish to search. For this example, we’ll select This section.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  8. Use the scroll bar to the right to scroll through the results.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  9. Click the down arrow for Group tags by: to group the tags by Tag name, Section, Title, Date or Note text.
  10. Click Create Summary Page if you need a summary page of the results.Utilizing OneNote Tags
  11. You can move to a tagged note by clicking on a tag hyperlink within the Tags Summary to access that specific note.Utilizing OneNote Tags

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