Utilizing the Excel Watch Window

Learn how to Utilize the Excel Watch Window to monitor changes within cells on large worksheets.

When working with a large worksheet or a collection of related worksheets, the data may frequently change.  The Excel Watch window allows you to save time by monitoring the results of selected cells in a separate window.  Below are the step by step instructions for utilizing the Excel Watch Window.

  1. Click the Formulas tab within Excel.
  2. Click Watch Window within the Formula Auditing group. Excel Watch Window Image 1
  3. The Watch Window dialog box will open. Click Add Watch. Excel Watch Window Image 2
  4. Once you click Add Watch, the Add Watch dialog box will open. Indicate the cells you want to watch.  You can either type in the cell references directly into the dialog box, or you can select the cells with your mouse. Excel Watch Window Image 3

Note:  You can select more than one contiguous cell.  You can also select cells on another worksheet.

  1. Click Add to add the selection to the Watch Window. Excel Watch Window Image 4
  2. The Excel Watch Window has now started monitoring the selected cells. It indicates the workbook and worksheet where the cell(s) reside, the name of the cell (if you named it), the cell you are monitor, current value, and the formula you used to create that value.

Note:  The size of the window can be adjusted and the window itself can be moved to a more convenient location on your screen if needed.  Click the down arrow in the upper right corner for these options.Excel Watch Window Image 5

  1. To delete a Watch, highlight the item in the Watch Window you no longer need and select Delete Watch.Excel Watch Window Image 6
  2. Click the “X” in the upper right corner of the Watch Window to close it. Excel Watch Window Image 7

Note:  Closing the Watch Window does not delete the items.  You can open the Watch Window later to view the items you are watching.

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