Utilizing OneNote Tags

Learn about utilizing OneNote tags aid in organizing your OneNote notes. In this post, you will learn to Tag Notes, Remove Tags and Find Tags.

OneNote’s Tags allow you to organize and prioritize your notes.  They enable you to quickly return to important notes and remind yourself about items you need to act upon.  The feature also allows you to create custom tags.  Once you’ve tagged notes, you can then use the searching feature to find various tags.  Utilizing OneNote Tags enable you to become more organized and efficient when using OneNote.  Below are the step by step instructions for Tagging Note, Removing Tags from Notes and Searching for Tagged Notes. Continue reading “Utilizing OneNote Tags”

Outlook Search Folders

Learn how to create Outlook Search Folders – Default and Custom.

An Outlook Search Folder is a folder you create to store the search criteria to view specific emails.  Once you click on a search folder, Outlook runs the search to show you the most current results.  There are two types of search folders – Predefined (set up by Microsoft) and Custom.  Outlook Search Folders come in handy if there are specific searches you run on a regular basis.  Below are the step by step instructions on how to Create Outlook Search Folders – Predefined and Custom. Continue reading “Outlook Search Folders”

Creating Custom Outlook Search Folders

Learn how to create custom Outlook search folders to easily find frequently accessed information.

Outlook gives you the capability to create custom search folders, allowing you to quickly find specific information on a regular basis.  Search folders can be set up to find all high importance emails, emails containing specific words, from specific recipients, etc.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for creating custom Outlook search folders. Continue reading “Creating Custom Outlook Search Folders”

OneNote 2016 Searching

Learn how to fully utilize OneNote 2016 Searching capabilities, including adding and searching for tags.

One of the great features of OneNote 2016 is it’s searching capabilities.  You can search through all your notes, whether they’re typed in, hand written or audio or video files.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for OneNote 2016 Searching. Continue reading “OneNote 2016 Searching”