Microsoft Office Mini Toolbar

When selecting text (or cells in Excel), Microsoft includes a Mini toolbar giving you many common formatting options, so you do not have to constantly navigate to the Home ribbon or remember shortcut keys. The options shown on the Mini toolbar will vary, depending upon what you have selected. This option is available in Excel, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. It cannot be customized. Examples of the Mini Toolbar within Word –

To activate, select the text you want to format, and the Mini toolbar will appear. You can also right click anywhere to activate it.

NOTE: If you do not see the Mini Toolbar, it may be turned off.

To Turn On/Off the Mini Toolbar

  1. Click the File Tab, select Options, then click the General button. (OR Select (ALT F, T and click the General button.)
  2. Navigate to the User Interface options section and check Show Mini Toolbar on selection to turn on the option or uncheck to turn off the option.

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