Taking Linked Notes within OneNote

Learn about taking Linked Notes within OneNote, linking them with Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and other OneNote pages.

Using Linked Notes allows you to dock OneNote to a side of your screen so you can work within other applications on the other side.  This gives you the capability to automatically link your notes to what you’re looking at.  Linked Notes works with Internet Explorer, Word 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and other OneNote 2016 pages.  Below are the instructions for taking linked notes within OneNote. Continue reading “Taking Linked Notes within OneNote”

Utilizing PowerPoint 2016 Designer

Learn how to utilize PowerPoint 2016 Designer to create professional looking slides.

PowerPoint Designer allows you to take your content and generate a variety of ideas that you can choose from to enhance your slides.  When you add a photo or other unique visual content, the Designer pane is available to generate a variety of visual suggestions you can choose to apply to you slides.  NOTE:  This feature is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription.  Below are the step by step instructions to utilize PowerPoint 2016 Designer. Continue reading “Utilizing PowerPoint 2016 Designer”

PowerPoint 2016 Tabs/Ribbons Shortcut Keys

Learn the various PowerPoint 2016 shortcut keys for the Tabs/Ribbons and Backstage.

Shortcut keys allow you to maneuver through PowerPoint’s tabs and ribbons using the keyboard instead of the mouse.  To assist you, I’ve compiled a listing of the PowerPoint 2016 shortcut keys for the Tabs/Ribbons and Backstage. Continue reading “PowerPoint 2016 Tabs/Ribbons Shortcut Keys”

KeyTips – Using the Keyboard to Access the Office Ribbons

Learn how to use KeyTips to access Office Ribbon commands via the keyboard.

KeyTips / Access Keys

Access keys are shortcut keys that give you access to the ribbon commands without using your mouse.  Once you press the ALT key, KeyTips appear over each command available in the current view, including the Quick Access Toolbar.  Depending on which letter you press, you may be shown additional KeyTips. Continue reading “KeyTips – Using the Keyboard to Access the Office Ribbons”

Reusing Slides from Previous Presentation in New Presentation

Learn how to reuse slides from a previous PowerPoint presentation in your new PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint has a great feature for reusing slides from previous presentations, incorporating the selected slides into the new presentation.  The feature also gives you the option of either using the source formatting or applying the formatting from the destination presentation. This is a great time saver as it eliminates the need to retype or reformat slides. Continue reading “Reusing Slides from Previous Presentation in New Presentation”