Sharing OneNote Notebooks

Learn the steps necessary for Sharing OneNote Notebooks.

You can share your OneNote notebooks with other people, allowing for easy collaboration.  To share notebooks, they must be on OneDrive.  If your notebook is stored locally it must be moved to OneDrive to share it.  Sharing notebooks can be accomplished via invites.  You can also create a sharing link to your notebook so others can view or edit it.  Below are the step by step instructions for Sharing OneNote Notebooks via Invite, Removing Users from Shared Notebooks, Creating a Sharing Link and Removing Shared Access. Continue reading “Sharing OneNote Notebooks”

Using OneNote for Document Management

Learn how to Use OneNote for Document Management to easily locate documents stored across multiple mediums. The step-by-step instructions will show you how to set up the management of your documents and directories using links. You’ll also learn how to keep the links current.

Let’s continue on with our organization theme.  This time, we’re going to focus on document organization or managing our documents.  OneNote can be a great tool for organizing and tracking your documents, whether they’re located locally, on external drives or OneDrive.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for using OneNote for document management. Continue reading “Using OneNote for Document Management”

Quick Ways to Organize OneNote Notes

Learn how to Organize OneNote Notes with subpages and table of contents for easier navigation.

OneNote Notes are a great tool for collection your thoughts and information for various work projects and personal plans.  However, it can become very cumbersome if the vast amounts of data collected are not kept organized.  I’ve collected a few quick ways to you can organize your notes to ensure you can quickly and easily find your information when needed.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for various quick ways to organize OneNote Notes. Continue reading “Quick Ways to Organize OneNote Notes”