Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF

Learn the steps for Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

The Export feature in PowerPoint gives you the ability to quickly and easily create PDF documents of your PowerPoint Presentations.  Below are the step by step instructions on exporting PowerPoint presentation as PDF. Continue reading “Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF”

Creating Handouts Using the Export Option

Learn the steps for creating PowerPoint handouts customizable within Word.

Creating handouts is not the same as printing handouts.  With printing, you select the handout option and it will print the selected slides to use as handouts as is.  When you create handouts, you are exporting to Word so you can manipulate/design the handouts before printing.  This option gives you more flexibility as to how you want the handouts to appear and exactly what you want to include, such as additional details.  This option also gives you the ability to automatically update the handouts if changes are made to the presentation.  Below are the step by step instructions for creating handouts using the export option. Continue reading “Creating Handouts Using the Export Option”