Excel Custom Lists

Learn about Excel Custom Lists — 1) Creating Custom Lists using the Options Feature; 2) Creating Custom Lists Using a Range of Cells; 3) Deleting Custom Lists; 4) Using Custom Lists within Spreadsheets

Excel custom lists can be used to fill or sort data within the defined order.  By default, Excel provides s few built-in lists – Day of the Week and Day of the Month.  You can also create your own custom lists. Excel Custom Lists

Below are the step by step instructions for working with Excel Custom Lists, including Creating. Deleting and Using Custom Lists. Continue reading “Excel Custom Lists”

OneNote Pages and Subpages

Learn how to work with OneNote Pages and Subpages.

In OneNote 2016, you can add as much content as you want to a page.  However, to stay more organized and for easier reviewing, you can create additional OneNote Pages and Subpages.  Below are the step by step instructions for Adding, Deleting and Moving Pages, Creating Subpages as well as Expanding and Collapsing Subpages. Continue reading “OneNote Pages and Subpages”