Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

The Word status bar is displayed at the bottom of your document window.Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

It can be customized by you to display various pertinent information about your document.  To customize the status bar, right-click within the status bar.  Once you do so, the Customize Status bar dialog box will display.  In the example, I have turned on all the features. Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

Below is the information on how to Customize Word 2016 Status Bar and an explanation of the customizations available. Continue reading “Customize Word 2016 Status Bar”

Outlook Quick Steps

Learn how to utilize Outlook Quick Steps to become more efficient in Outlook. You’ll learn how to customize the default Outlook Quick Steps as well as create your own Outlook Quick Steps.

Outlook Quick Steps allows you to create One Click Quick Steps for actions you repeat frequently.  For example, if you move messages to a certain folder, you can create a Quick Step to accomplish it in one click.  Below are the step by step instructions for working with Outlook Quick Steps. Continue reading “Outlook Quick Steps”