Sharing Outlook Contacts as vCards

Learn how to share your Outlook contacts easily using vCards..

Outlook’s vCards makes it very easy to share your contact information as well as that of individuals within your contact list.  The vCards can be sent to both internal and external recipients.  A vCard is an electronic business card that contains the individual’s contact information.  When the recipient receives the email with the vCard, all they need to do is open it and save it to their contacts. Below are the step-by-step instructions for sharing Outlook contacts as vCards.

  1. From the Contact app, click the Home tab.
  2. Highlight the contact(s) you wish to forward. (Use CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click to highlight multiple contacts.)
  3. Click the drop down arrow for Forward Contact in the Share group.
  4. Click As a business Card. VLBTechEd Outlook Share vCard Image 1
  5. The e-mail message will open with the vcard attached and a picture in the body of the messaged.  Note:  This option sends only the information listed in the business card.VLBTechEd Outlook Share vCard Image 2
  6. Complete the message by adding the recipients and any necessary body content and click Send.

Note:  To send all the information listed for the Outlook contact, including notes, choose the option As an Outlook Contact instead of As a Business Card. VLBTechEd Outlook Share vCard Image 3

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