Managing Outlook Meeting Details within OneNote

Learn about Managing Outlook Meeting Details within OneNote.

You can keep your Outlook meeting notes easily (and consistently) within OneNote.  Using this feature also allows you to include all the details pertaining to the Outlook meeting.  Using this feature will give you links to the meeting within Outlook as well as email links to the meeting attendees for quick and easy follow up.  Below are the step by step instructions for managing Outlook meeting details within OneNote.

Adding Outlook Meeting to OneNote

  1. Open OneNote and Navigate the to the Notebook, Section and Page where the details are to be added.
  2. Click on the Home tab.
  3. Click Meeting Details from the Meetings group.
  4. Select the appropriate meeting.OneNote Meeting Details Image 1
  5. The meeting details from Outlook are added to the OneNote page. Reposition on page if needed and added any needed details. (I usually add the date to the beginning of the note title so I can keep them in chronological order.) OneNote Meeting Details Image 2
  6. Next to Invitation Message, click the Expand link to include the meeting invite details. OneNote Meeting Details Image 3

Taking Notes and Follow up

You are now ready to start taking notes for the meeting by clicking below Notes and adding the necessary notes. OneNote Meeting Details Image 4

Additionally, the Meeting details include one-click links to the Outlook Meeting and to email the attendees for easy follow up. OneNote Meeting Details Image 5

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