Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF

Learn the steps for Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

The Export feature in PowerPoint gives you the ability to quickly and easily create PDF documents of your PowerPoint Presentations.  Below are the step by step instructions on exporting PowerPoint presentation as PDF.

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Export. ALT + F, EPExporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  3. Click Create PDF/XPS Document.
  4. Click the Create PDF/XPS button.
  5. The Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box will open. Select a location to save the Presentation.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  6. In the File Name box, enter the name for the file.
  7. In the Save as type, click the down arrow and select PDF (.PDF).
    • Check the Open file after publishing check box if you want the PDF file to open once the PDF document is created.
    • Click Standard (publishing online and printing) if the document requires high print quality.
    • Click Minimum size (publishing online) if the file size is more important than print quality.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  8. Click the Options button and select the necessary options.
    • Range – Set Range of slides to be included in the PDF.
    • Publish options – Set publishing options, such as what slides, Frame slides, hidden slides, comments and ink markup, number of slides and order.
    • Include non-printing information – Document properties and Document structure tags for accessibility.
    • Set PDF options – PDF/A compliant and Bitmap text when fonts may not be embedded.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  9. Once you have set your export options, click OK to accept the options.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  10. Click Publish to complete the export process.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF
  11. The PDF is created with your options.Exporting PowerPoint Presentation as PDF

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