Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

The Word status bar is displayed at the bottom of your document window.Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

It can be customized by you to display various pertinent information about your document.  To customize the status bar, right-click within the status bar.  Once you do so, the Customize Status bar dialog box will display.  In the example, I have turned on all the features. Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

Below is the information on how to Customize Word 2016 Status Bar and an explanation of the customizations available.

As you can see, checking some of the customizations does not actually turn them on.  The features must be used or turned on within Word for them to be noted as “On”.  For example, Signatures.  It is checked but is marked as off because there is not digital signature in this document.  If I open a document containing a digital signature, the Status bar will display the digital signature icon and the Signatures customization is turned On.Customize Word 2016 Status Bar

Status Bar Customizations

  • Formatted Page Number (Page) – Lists the page number that would be displayed in the header or footer. Action – Click Page to bring up the Go To dialog box.
  • Section – Displays the section number for the cursor’s current location. Action – Click Section to bring up the Go To dialog box.
  • Page Number (Page / Pages) – Lists the actual page number of the page for the cursor’s current location and the number of pages in the document. Action – Click Page to bring up the Navigation Pane.
  • Vertical Page Position (At) – Displays the vertical position of the cursor from the top of the document. Action – Click At to bring up the Go To dialog box.  (Helpful when working with images.)
  • Line Number (Line)– Lists the number of the line of text the cursor is currently located in. Action – Click Line to bring up the Go To dialog box.  (Helpful when collaborating on documents.)
  • Column – Displays the character position of the cursor in the current line. Action – Click Column to bring up the Go To dialog box.  (selection / document)
  • Word Count (Words) – Total number of words within your document. Action – Click Words to bring up the Word Count dialog box.  NOTE:  This number changes based upon whether you are including textboxes, footnotes and endnotes.
  • Character Count with Spaces (Characters) – Display, the number of characters in your document, including spaces. Action – Click Characters to bring up the Word Count dialog box.
  • Spelling and Grammar Check  – Indicator displays whether there are or are not any errors in Word.  NOTE:  You must have Spell Check turned on in the Word Options to use this item.  Action – Click the icon to open the Editor side bar to correct the indicated errors.
  • Language – Displays the language of the text at the cursor’s current location.
  • Signatures – Signature icon will display if the document contains a digital signature. Action – Click on the icon to bring up the Signature sidebar.
  • Information Policy Management – Indicates that Information Rights Management (IRM) has been used to restrict permission.
  • Permissions – Displays an icon when access to the document has been restricted. Action – Click the icon to view the current read and edit permissions of the document.
  • Track Changes – Displays if Track Changes is turned OFF or ON in your document. Action – Toggle button so Click the On or Off status to switch the mode.
  • Caps Lock – Indicates if CAPS Lock is on.
  • Overtype / Insert – Lists which mode you are using. Insert means the characters you are typing are placed between the existing characters at the cursor location.  Overtype means the characters you are typing will replace the existing characters.  Action – Toggle button so click Insert or Overtype to switch the mode.
  • Selection Mode (Extend Selection) – Indicates Extend mode is enabled. Press F8 to turn on Extend mode.  This will anchor the cursor to the current location in preparation for making a selection.  Action – Once enabled, click Extend Selection (or press ESC) to turn off extended mode.
  • Macro Recording – Toggle button to start and stop recording a macro.
  • Upload Status – Displays the upload status of the document to the web.
  • This document has been updated. To refresh the document, click Save. – Alert will be displayed if there are document updates available.
  • View Shortcuts – This option displays the Read Mode view , Print Layout view and Web Layout view .  Action – Click on any of the icons to change the view.
  • Zoom Slider – Enables you to change the zoom by sliding the slider bar to the left or right.
  • Zoom – Displays the percent enlarged or reduced.

Click the link to check out my YouTube video to Customize Word 2016 Status Bar —

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