Creating a Task from an Outlook E-Mail Message

Learn how to create an Outlook 2016 task from an e-mail message.

You can quickly and easily create an Outlook task from an e-mail message you have received, without having to retype the information and leaving the original message intact. Below are the step-by-step instructions for the creating the task.

Creating Tasks from Messages

  1. Highlight the appropriate message.
  2. Drag the message to the Tasks on the navigation bar.vlbTechEd Outlook EM to Task Image 1
  3. The task box opens.vlbTechEd Outlook EM to Task Image 2
    • Subject – The subject of the e-mail is listed.  You can change as needed.Enter the Start date.
    • Enter the Due date if there is a deadline for the task.
    • Status – Choose the appropriate status for the task.
      • Not Started (default)
      • In Progress
      • Completed
      • Waiting on someone else
      • Deferred
    • Priority – Set the appropriate priority for the task.
      • Normal (default)
      • Low
      • High
    • Check Reminder, if you want a pop up reminder.
      • Set date.
      • Set time.
    • The body of the task contains the e-mail message.  You can change as needed.
  4. Click the Task tab, if not already selected.
  5. Click Save & Close from the Actions group.VLBTechEd Outlook EM to Task Image 3
  6. Once saved, the task is added to the To Do List.VLBTechEd Outlook EM to Task Image 4

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