Creating a Footnote Continuation Notice in Word

Learn how to create a footnote continuation notice for footnotes that extend onto a second page.

If a footnote is too long to fit on a page, a footnote continuation notice can be created to let readers know that it is continued on the next page. Below are the step-by-step instruction for creating a continuation notice. NOTE:  The steps can also be applied to creating a continuation notice for endnotes.

Creating a Continuation Notice
  1. Make sure you are in Draft view by clicking to the View tab on the ribbon and clicking Draft.
  2. Click the References tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click Show Notes in the Footnotes group.Footnote Continuation Notice Image 1
  4. In the note pane list, click Footnote Continuation Notice.Footnote Continuation Notice Image 2
  5. In the note pane, type the text that you will use for the continuation notice.Footnote Continuation Notice Image 3

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