Comparing Word Documents Using Workshare Compare

Learn how to use Workshare Compare to run a document comparison of two Word documents.

Workshare Compare is a powerful document comparison tool.  You can compare Microsoft Word documents, RTF files and PDF files.  Within Word, you have the ability to compare all content including images, tables and embedded Microsoft Excel tables.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for comparing Word documents Using Workshare Compare.

  1. Open Word.
  2. Open the ORIGINAL document.
  3. Click the Workshare tab. workshare-compare-image-1
  4. Click the Compare button in the Compare group.
  5. The Workshare Compare dialog box will open. If the ORIGINAL document is not listed in the Original Document box, click the Switch button to move it from the Modified Document box up to the Original Document box. workshare-compare-image-2b
  6. Click the Folder button to the right of the Modified Document box to browse out to the location of the modified document. workshare-compare-image-3
  7. Double-click the desired file to add it as the modified document. workshare-compare-image-4
  8. Choose your Rendering Set from the options available from the drop down arrow.   NOTE:  Workshare Compare uses colors and different formats in the Redline to enable you to see the changes that have been made to the documents.  These colors and formats depend upon the rendering set you apply to the comparison. workshare-compare-image-5
  9. Or, click the Rendering Set button to the right of the options to customize the settings. The Rendering Set dialog box will open.  Set the Comparison options as necessary. workshare-compare-image-6
  10. Set the Comparison Mode. workshare-compare-image-7
    • Fast – When comparing a .doc file against another .doc file, this comparison is don at a binary level, which is faster than a standard comparison.
    • Standard – Regular comparison.
    • Text Only – Compares only the text within the document, not the formatting or styles.
  11. Click OK to run the comparison. workshare-compare-image-8
  12. The Change Summary Tab will open. workshare-compare-image-9

A     Change Summary Window – Lists the changes noted between the original and modified documents.

B     Display window of the Original document.

C     Display window of the Modified document.

D     Display of the Redlined document.

     Apply Accepted Changes button – Click to accept the listed changes that were checked above.

Change Summary

Once the comparison has been run, you have many options available to you.  Some of the options are:

  • Print – Comparison, Comparison + Modified or Comparison + Modified + Original.
  • Save As – Comparison document or Word document with Track Changes.
  • Email – Email as a PDF or Email as a Word document with Track Changes.
  • PDF – Convert to PDF.
  • Word – Open in Word or Open in Word with Track Changes.

For a demonstration of the steps, check out my You Tube video.

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