Outlook Search Folders

Learn how to create Outlook Search Folders – Default and Custom.

An Outlook Search Folder is a folder you create to store the search criteria to view specific emails.  Once you click on a search folder, Outlook runs the search to show you the most current results.  There are two types of search folders – Predefined (set up by Microsoft) and Custom.  Outlook Search Folders come in handy if there are specific searches you run on a regular basis.  Below are the step by step instructions on how to Create Outlook Search Folders – Predefined and Custom. Continue reading “Outlook Search Folders”

Using PowerPoint Motion Path Animation

Learn how to use PowerPoint Motion Path Animation — Add Motion Path Animation to objects and also how to Edit and Delete Motion Path Animation.

You can easily apply motion path animation to slide objects to enhance your slides and draw attention to specific points.  Below are the step by step instructions for working with PowerPoint Motion Path Animation to Add animation to an object, Edit motion paths and remove animation. Continue reading “Using PowerPoint Motion Path Animation”

Managing Outlook Meeting Details within OneNote

Learn about Managing Outlook Meeting Details within OneNote.

You can keep your Outlook meeting notes easily (and consistently) within OneNote.  Using this feature also allows you to include all the details pertaining to the Outlook meeting.  Using this feature will give you links to the meeting within Outlook as well as email links to the meeting attendees for quick and easy follow up.  Below are the step by step instructions for managing Outlook meeting details within OneNote. Continue reading “Managing Outlook Meeting Details within OneNote”