OneNote 2016 Shortcut Keys

Learn how to use the OneNote 2016 shortcut keys to access commands on the tabs/ribbons without using the mouse.

The OneNote 2016 shortcut keys allow you to maneuver through OneNote’s tabs and ribbons using the keyboard instead of the mouse.  To assist you, I’ve compiled a listing of the OneNote 2016 shortcut keys for the tabs/ribbons. Continue reading “OneNote 2016 Shortcut Keys”

OneNote 2016 Searching

Learn how to fully utilize OneNote 2016 Searching capabilities, including adding and searching for tags.

One of the great features of OneNote 2016 is it’s searching capabilities.  You can search through all your notes, whether they’re typed in, hand written or audio or video files.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for OneNote 2016 Searching. Continue reading “OneNote 2016 Searching”

Using OneNote for Document Management

Learn how to Use OneNote for Document Management to easily locate documents stored across multiple mediums. The step-by-step instructions will show you how to set up the management of your documents and directories using links. You’ll also learn how to keep the links current.

Let’s continue on with our organization theme.  This time, we’re going to focus on document organization or managing our documents.  OneNote can be a great tool for organizing and tracking your documents, whether they’re located locally, on external drives or OneDrive.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for using OneNote for document management. Continue reading “Using OneNote for Document Management”

Quick Ways to Organize OneNote Notes

Learn how to Organize OneNote Notes with subpages and table of contents for easier navigation.

OneNote Notes are a great tool for collection your thoughts and information for various work projects and personal plans.  However, it can become very cumbersome if the vast amounts of data collected are not kept organized.  I’ve collected a few quick ways to you can organize your notes to ensure you can quickly and easily find your information when needed.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for various quick ways to organize OneNote Notes. Continue reading “Quick Ways to Organize OneNote Notes”

Integrating OneNote To-Do List with Outlook Tasks

Learn how to create tasks within OneNote and integrate them with Outlook for easy tracking.

The integration of Outlook’s OneNote with Outlook gives you many great collaboration features, one of which is the ability to view and track your OneNote to-do list tasks within Outlook.  This gives you the best of both worlds.  You can set up individual to-do lists for all your projects within OneNote.  Then, you can use the reminder and task progress features to stay on top of the tasks within Outlook.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for integrating OneNote to-do list with Outlook tasks. Continue reading “Integrating OneNote To-Do List with Outlook Tasks”

Add Outlook Meeting Details to OneNote

Learn how to add your Outlook meeting details to OneNote for note taking.

In order to give your notes a consistent look and to also include all the details pertaining to the meeting, you can add your Outlook meeting details to OneNote.  Using this feature will give you links to the meeting within Outlook as well as email links to the meeting attendees for quick and easy follow up.  Below are the step-by-step instructions for adding your Outlook meeting details to OneNote. Continue reading “Add Outlook Meeting Details to OneNote”

Organizing OneNote 2016 – Creating Section Groups within your Notebooks

Learn how to organize your OneNote Notebooks using Section Groups.

OneNote Section Groups is a great feature to assist you with organizing OneNote Notebooks.  It allows you to group similar sections under a section heading so you can display more sections across the screen.  You can create as many section groups as you want, holding any number of sections.  Within several of my notebooks, I’ve created so many sections that they don’t fit across the screen properly.  This makes it cumbersome to navigate through the information within my notebook. Continue reading “Organizing OneNote 2016 – Creating Section Groups within your Notebooks”

KeyTips – Using the Keyboard to Access the Office Ribbons

Learn how to use KeyTips to access Office Ribbon commands via the keyboard.

KeyTips / Access Keys

Access keys are shortcut keys that give you access to the ribbon commands without using your mouse.  Once you press the ALT key, KeyTips appear over each command available in the current view, including the Quick Access Toolbar.  Depending on which letter you press, you may be shown additional KeyTips. Continue reading “KeyTips – Using the Keyboard to Access the Office Ribbons”